About Us

Mike and Jory are both farm kids at heart, growing up on grain farms in rural Alberta. They both spent their childhoods around animals, working on the farm, and participating in their communities. 
Fast forward through university, a wedding, a couple houses, and two beautiful daughters...
In November of 2018, EZ Antler Chews was developed by Mike and Jory Zwack.
EZ Antler Chews is based out of Beaumont, Alberta.
The "EZ" in EZ Antler Chews derives from Mike's father's initials, after all, the business was founded using only elk sheds from his ranch! 
We are grateful to have the opportunity to provide an affordable, natural, high quality product to customers and business partners.
We look forward to continuing to build our relationships with our customers, meet new people (and dogs) and continue to give back to our community.
Thank you for all your support!