EZ Antler Chew Sizes


 EZ Antler Chew Sizes

SMALL chews are recommended for dogs up to 25 lbs and are a great option for smaller dogs or puppies. These chews come in 3 options of cut: split, whole or quarter-split. 

MEDIUM chews are ideal for dogs ranging from 25-50 lbs. These chews are available in split or whole options. 

LARGE chews are recommended for dogs weighing between 55-80 lbs. These chews tend to have a thicker calcium outer ring, allowing it to stand up to aggressive chewing from larger breed dogs. Large chews are available in split or whole options.

Last, but certainly not least, we have our JUMBO chews. The name says it all! Jumbo chews are for dogs over 85 lbs who are serious chewers! You won't find these chews in any pet store, at least not without our name on the label!  

For more information on the difference between whole, split and quarter-split, please visit our "Choosing between Split and Whole Antler Chews" page.