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(WHS) Medium Deer Antler Chew

(WHS) Medium Deer Antler Chew

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Antler Style
      **Natural & Safe:** Sourced from naturally shed deer antlers, deer antlers promote dental health, reduces plaque, and is 100% free from artificial additives.
      **(Long-Lasting Enjoyment:** The toughest of all antler species. Durable and odor-free, it satisfies your dog's chewing instincts, providing hours of entertainment while minimizing boredom.
      **Nutrient-Rich & Appropriate Size:** Packed with essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus.
      **Canadian, Sustainable & Ethical:** Made from naturally shed antlers, it's an eco-friendly and ethical choice, suitable for all breeds, ensuring a happy and healthy pup.
            Deer Antlers are not recommended for overly tenacious chewers or dogs with unknown dental history. 

        • MSRP: $16.00

        *Always supervise your dog when chewing, and discard antler when it's small enough to be swallowed.*

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