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(WHS) Extra Large Dog Christmas Box

(WHS) Extra Large Dog Christmas Box

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Antler Species

The perfect holiday gift for dogs OVER 80lbs! This delightful box is designed to make your pet's Christmas season extra special, filled with an assortment of goodies that will have them wagging their tails with joy.

🦌 Antler: 'Chew's your species of antler for your dog. Elk (whole/split), Deer or Moose Antler.

🐾 XL Yeti Chew: Watch your pet go wild for our Yeti Chew! Providing hours of entertainment and dental benefits for your furry friend.

🎄 Tilted Barn Treats: Treat your pet to a bag of popular, locally made, Tilted Barn treats. Made from all-natural, premium ingredients, these delicious treats are perfect for rewarding your pet's good behavior or simply for spreading some Christmas cheer.

🎁 Crinkle Chip Bag with Squeaker: Your pet will be thrilled to find a crinkle chip bag with a hidden squeaker in this box. It's the perfect toy for playful and curious pets, providing both a satisfying crinkle sound and an irresistible squeak to keep your pet engaged in joyful play.

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🎄 Holiday EZ Antler Chews Sticker!

*Tilted Barn Treats will be either Beef or Bacon. Chip Bag will be randomly selected*

*MSRP - $82.00*

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