Our Products

Yeti Chew

Yeti Chews are a hardened cheese chew made from Yak's milk. They are high in protein and low in fat. Made by traditional practices in Nepal. Available in 4 sizes.

EZ Antler Chew

Our trademark product! Made from high quality, naturally shed, elk antler. These chews are long lasting and high in essential nutrients. EZ Antler Chews are available in 4 sizes.

Marrow Sticks

Marrow sticks are a natural, preservative free chew for dogs and puppies under 15 lbs. The inner marrow of the antler is highly accessible, providing your dog with a nutrient packed chew.

Puppy Pack

Puppy Packs are designed as variety pack for dogs under 15 lbs. They contain whole, split and quarter split pieces of naturally shed elk antler.


Medallions are a puck shaped chew for dogs under 15 lbs. They provide direct access to the nutrient-rich marrow.


The XL Yeti Chew was the perfect choice for my heavy chewing Shephard cross. As soon as I opened the package she started doing tricks to try and earn this treat!
I will certainly be ordering more Yeti Chews in the future!
You guys have earned yourselves a lifelong customer!!


Just wanted to say we are so grateful we found you and happy that it is a family run business as we know we are getting great quality. This Jumbo antler has been our English Mastiff/St Bernard's favourite and she will pick it over any other chew toy.


I have 3 dogs who all love to chew, but the newest addition has been the most intense chewer of all! Your guys antlers have been a lifesaver (and couch saver lol) in redirecting her & keeping her occupied. Will definitely be getting more sooner than later!


Bought a whole large sized antler for my dogs to see if they’d like it and if it would last (I have two pitbulls). My dogs LOVE it! I bought it three weeks ago and it’s still almost fully intact! 


Our 5 year old frenchie, Stella, is a heavy chewer, many toys, bully sticks and bones do not last long when she gets a hold of them. I purchased a couple of split antlers for her to try out and I was shocked that they didn’t get destroyed by her chomps in 20 minutes. She definitely loved the exposed marrow and how long it’s lasted her. I will never go back to any other chew going forward.


Our dog Theodore, received this antler chew as a Christmas gift. He doesn’t often go for hard chews like this unless he is really in the mood to chew. He often will get us to hold it so that he can get a good spot chewing. With this antler chew we don’t have to hold it! With its natural curves and points he can do it by himself. He loves this chew and chews (or licks) it every night. He is a boxer and this was a great size for him! Highly recommend!!


My 20lb Goldendoodle absolutely loves Yeti Chews. They are long lasting and perfect for her sensitive stomach. Highly recommend!