How To Introduce Antler Powder Into Your Dog's Diet

What is Antler Powder?

Antler Powder is a fine, white/grey, powder that is naturally produced from cutting and sanding antlers. At EZ Antler Chews, we collect the powder from processing Elk, Moose and Deer Antlers. The product is then put through a cleaning process to ensure that it is free of impurities. Antler Powder is a single ingredient and contains high levels of essential nutrients.

How To Serve Antler Powder.

The most common application of Antler Powder is to sprinkle the powder onto raw feeding meals, or kibble. Beginning with a small amount, simply dust the antler powder over your dog's wet or dry food. Gradually increase the amount of antler powder, per serving. A slow introduction to the product allows your dog's digestive system to adapt accordingly. Some dogs prefer the powder to be mixed in, others are happy to lick the powder off the surface of the food. The EZ Antler Chews Antler Powder bag is convenient and resealable.

Make Antler Powder Gravy! You can mix antler powder into a little warm water, or broth, to make a gravy and then pour over food to serve. For picky pups, consider mixing the powder in with yogurt, pumpkin puree, or dog-safe peanut butter. Antler Powder can also be incorporated in homemade treats!

It is important to consider the serving size when serving antler powder. You will find a feeding guide on the back of EZ Antler Chew's Antler Powder. Small dogs under 20lbs should receive 1/2 TSP in a serving. Medium dogs between 20 and 40 lbs should receive 1 TSP. Large Dogs, between 40-60 lbs, are to receive 1 1/2 TSP with extra large dogs, 60 lbs, receiving 2 TSP per serving. A pre-measured scoop is included in the EZ Antler Powder bag.

Is Antler Powder Right for My Dog?

Antler Powder is a diverse product suitable for all dogs, from puppies to seniors. Antlers are high in protein, magnesium, potassium, and calcium, which is also true of the powder. If you want to see your dog receive the benefits of an antler but are still determining the chewing difficulty, antler powder is a fantastic solution.



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