Moose Antler - A Softer Choice

Antler Chews remain one of the most popular all natural, long lasting, chews for dogs. Moose is typically less common in the pet store, due to it's difficulty to procure. Male Moose shed their horns naturally in the spring - causing no harm to the animal. The horn is collected in the wild, and stored safely until it is ready to be washed, cut and sanded into an all natural, dog chew.

It is important to understand the differences between the chew species in the pet store, so you're able to make an informed choice for your pet. One of the most unique varieties of chews, due to it's unique shape, high marrow content and novelty.

What Makes Moose Different?

Moose antlers contain a softer, more porous texture than other species; this feature makes for easier access to the marrow, a more engaging chewing experience, and a great starter chew for pups. Moose grow their horns in a paddle shape, and when preparing the product for dog chews they often result in a long rectangular shape. This shape can be exciting and create a new experience for a dog that is accustomed to typical long, round antlers.

Who Can Benefit from Moose Chews?

Senior dogs, teething puppies, and dogs that are looking for different chewing experience, are among the dogs that would benefit from this chew. The product is preservative and chemical free making it a healthy choice for your canine companion. Moose Antler, being softer, is a great option to start with to see if antler is right for your pup. These antlers are longer lasting than other chews in the pet store, however will not be as long lasting as a whole elk antler, or a deer antler. Aggressive chewers may consume Moose more quickly than other species.

Nutritional Benefits

Moose antler chews contain key nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and vitamin D. The marrow, which is found in the inner most part of the antler, is hardened blood supply from the male Moose. The elements found in the marrow are essential for your dog's bone and dental health.

Tips for Introducing Moose Chews

  • Always supervise your dog while they are enjoying any chew.
  • Ensure that you are sizing the product to your dog appropriately, customer satisfaction is optimized when the chew is sized appropriately. See below for a sizing guide.
  • Consider rotating antler species to provide variety and enrichment to your dog.


Moose antler chews provide dogs with a high quality chewing experience, thanks to their soft, porous texture that allows easy access to the nutrient-rich marrow. Packed with essential minerals, this chew is a versatile treat suitable for dogs of all chewing abilities. Treat your canine companion to the benefits of moose antler - a long-lasting, engaging chew that supports their overall health and wellbeing.


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