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Bargain Bundle

Bargain Bundle

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EZ Antler Chews Bargain Bundles are groups of discounted natural shed antler chews that don't meet their typical sizing or appearance standards for other retail. 

Bargain Bites can be any shape, size, antler grade or cut. Photographs are taken in hand to show relative size, please ensure that you're sizing your EZ Antler Chew Bargain Bite appropriately to your dogs size.

Each Bargain Bundle will be unique in contents, however the cumulative weight will be consistent.

It is important to properly size the chew to your dog, for safety reasons. The sizing recommendation is as follows:

Small Bargain Bundle- Under 20 lbs

Medium Bargain Bundle- Under 40 lbs

Supervision while chewing is advised


EZ Antler Chews Product - Company from Beaumont, Alberta. 

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